Wiccan World was formed late in 2004 and came about because of the phenomenal number of visitors to the “Wiccan and Witch” section of one of our sister websites – Psychic Revelation. There were many requests received for more content and so, rather than increase the size of Psychic Revelation (Psychic Revelation’s purpose was never intended to be primarily witchy), it was decided that our Wiccan and Witch visitors should have their own dedicated website.

Our aim is to make Wiccan World THE biggest resource center on the Internet for Wiccans and Witches. A lofty aim? Sure! But why not? There’s lots of information on the Internet already available but it’s scattered all over the place. Most sites cover the basics (in brief) and that’s about it. You have to search far and wide to dig out the required information. With your help Wiccan World will change that!