Protection Spells: Eihwaz Talisman Spell

Name: Eihwaz Talisman Spell ~ © Wiccan World

Category: Protection Spells.

Purpose: Psychic protection against another’s dark magick.

Timing: When the moon is waxing.

Items Needed:

  • 1 x black 6″ candle.
  • 1 x natural river stone (flat).
  • 1 x tube of yellow oil or acrylic (artist’s) paint.
  • 1 x fine artist’s paintbrush.
  • Matches or lighter.

Casting the spell:

  • Cast your circle.
  • Light the black candle.
  • Hold the riverstone firmly between your palms and visualize the riverstone building a shield of bright light around you. When the shield is complete, cup the stone in your palms, look at it and say:
  • By the power of light from dark I charge thee to use thy shield to defend me.
  • Paint the runic symbol for eihwaz upon the stone. (Eihwaz means yew tree and was one of the most revered trees of Viking times. The symbol stood/stands for general protection, magickal empowerment, and psychic protection.)
  • Place the riverstone next to the candle and allow the candle to burn down.
  • Close the circle.

Let the paint dry overnight. Once dry the stone should be carried with you

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