Prosperity Spells: Oak Tree Spell

Name: Oak Tree Spell

Category: Good Luck Spells – Prosperity Spells

Purpose: To help ensure continued material prosperity.

Timing: Sunday when the moon is waxing.

Items Needed:

  • 1 x 6″ green candle.
  • 1 x sharp white-handled knife.
  • 1 x 36″ oak branch.
  • 1 x 9′ length of natural twine.
  • Matches or lighter.

Casting the spell:

  • Cast a circle.
  • Light the green candle, and say:
  • Power of ancient oak mighty Duir I invoke.
  • Use the white-handled knife to carve a “V” on one side of the branch, about twelve inches from the bottom. saying:
  • All that is given none shall shrink.
  • About six inches above the “V”, carve an inverted equilateral triangle, saying:
  • Fortune flowing which none shall sink.
  • About six inches above the triangle, carve a diamond shape saying:
  • Safety in which to eat and drink.
  • Carve the symbol for the rune Fehu six inches above the diamond. Saying:
  • Duir forfend that any send blow or blight to any wight that dwells in sooth twixt earth and roof.
  • Seal the magick into the branch by binding both ends, making sure not to cover up any of the carved symbols.
  • Close the circle.

Hang the branch on the back of an entrance doorway.

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