Ritual Tools: The Pentacle

The Pentacle

Some ritual tools seem to have similar qualities, the pentacle however, is truly in a class of its own. Its basic function is to shield and protect but it does more. It is also used to ground all energies.

There are two types of pentacle. The working pentacle and the ritual pentacle. The working pentacle is traditionally made of wood and is black on one side and white on the other. It is used to give shape and form to energies thus allowing them to manifest within the physical world.

The ritual pentacle is a tool placed on the altar during Circle and has a pentagram at its centre. Because of its association with the earth element it is usually made from wood, clay,metal or stone. In other words any earth product. It is usually used to hold wine or cakes etc. for blessing during ritual. It can also be used for magickal petitions or requests that are made during Circle.

Like the wand, the pentacle is irrevocably linked to witches and many practioners wear it as a symbol of their craft

Element: Earth

Direction: North

Color: Green

Gender: Male & female


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