Water Elementals: Undines

The spirit realm of the element water is inhabited by spiritual beings called Undines. They exist in water itself but also in the humidity around us as well as other liquids.

Undines are believed to be the classic water nymph or mermaid of mythology. The sea, springs, streams, wells, marshes, waterfalls, lakes, rivers are all places they frequent. In fact they are pretty much present anywhere that water is.

Undines are very emotional elementals. They are very friendly and are very open to the idea of assisting humans in general as well magickal tasks that may be specifically asked of them. again, care must be taken when working with them. Although helpful they can have a very strong emotional effect on you if you’re not careful.┬áSmaller Undines are often mistaken for faeries.

Undines can be called to aid in all magick associated with the element water as shown below.

  • Business
  • Growth
  • Higher Education
  • Joy
  • Legal Matters
  • Long distance Travel
  • Luck
  • Material Wealth
  • Opportunity
  • Political Power
  • Research
  • Self-improvement
  • Social Matters
  • Sport
  • Studying
  • Wealth

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