Moon Crystals and Stones

Many Wiccans and witches make use of crystals and stones as part of their magick. The timing of any spell is affected by the current moon phase of course, but did you know that your spellwork can receive quite a boost by making use of the properties of a crystal or stone that is actually governed by the moon?


Agates: Courage, healing, physical energy, physical strength.

Amethyst: Anger, courage, divination, dreams, healing, love, meditation, peace, psychic ability, spirituality, stress, wisdom.

Aquamarine: Cleansing, courage, peace, psychic ability, travel.

Beryl: Good luck, physical strength, scrying.

Bloodstone: Business, courage, healing, magickal power, physical strength, prosperity.

Blue Chalcedony: Education, psychic communication, spirit communication, stress.

Mother of Pearl: Childbirth, prosperity, protection.

Moonstone: Bad habits, childbirth, dieting, divination, grounding, love, protection.

Olivine (Peridot): Healing, prosperity, protection.

Opal: Beauty, change, creativity, divination, dreams, love, luck, magickal power, prosperity, psychic attack.

Pearl: Love, luck, prosperity, protection.

Sapphire: Healing, love, peace, prosperity.

Tourmaline: Grounding, peaceful separation, protection.

White Chalcedony: Coping, self-esteem, settling in.

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