Magickal Numbers

Numbers can be used in ritual and magickal workings. Odd numbers are related to the Goddess, women, and receptive energy. Even numbers are related to the God, men, and protective energy.

1: The Universe. The one and the source of all.

2: The Goddess and the God. Perfect duality and balance. The physical and spiritual equally combined.

3: The Triple Goddess. The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The lunar phases.

4: The Elements. The directions and seasons.

5: The senses. The elements plus Akasha. The pentacle/pentagram.

7: The planets as known in ancient times. Magick, power and protection.

8: The number of Sabbats. A number of the God.

9: A number of the Goddess.

13: The number of Esbats. A lucky number.

15: A lucky number.

21: The number of Sabbats and moons in the Wiccan year.

28: A number of the moon.

101: The number of fertility.

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