Candle Colors

Candles are an integral part of any witch’s life and their colors have many meanings that are important to understand if you want to get the full benefit from them.

  • Black: Closing of doors, death, dispel negative thoughts, hex removal, negativity protection. protection, psychic work, release, removal of confusion, removal of discord, repel dark magic, spirit communication, and truth.
  • Blue (Dark): The goddess, water elemental, west, change, dreams, emotions, fidelity, impulse, meditation, peace, psychic awareness, and truth.
  • Blue (Light): Harmony in the home, happiness, healing, intuition, opportunity, patience, psychic awareness, quests, safe journey, tranquility, understanding, and warding off depression.
  • Brown: Earth elemental, north, animal health, attracting money, concentration, endurance, ESP, houses and homes, intuition, overcoming uncertainty, steadiness, and study.
  • Gold: The God, solar energy, creative work, divination, fortune, healing, intuition, mental growth, money, physical strength, power and success.
  • Gray: Cancellation, competition, hesitation, travel to other worlds, vision quests, and veiling.
  • Green: Earth elemental, north, balance, courage, employment, fertility, garden blessings, growth, herb magick, healing, luck, marriage, prosperity, and renewal.
  • Green-Yellow: Anger, cowardice, discord, anger, and jealousy.
  • Indigo: Ancient wisdom, balance, karma working, meditation, neutralizing of another’s magick, spirit communication, and undesirable competition.
  • Lavender: Blessings, divination, psychic growth, and spiritual development.
  • Magenta: Exorcism, rapid change, and spiritual healing. Often burned with another color to increase the rapidity with which the magick will work.
  • Orange: The God, adaptability, attraction, changing luck, clearing the mind, dominance, encouragement, healing, luck, and sudden change.
  • Pink: Affection, emotional love, femininity, friendship, honor, love, peace, romance, spiritual awakening, spiritual healing, and togetherness.
    Purple: Ambition, breaking bad luck, business success, driving away evil, healing illnesses, improving psychic ability, intuition, meditation, occult wisdom, success, and tension.
  • Red: Fire elemental, south, blood, courage, dispel fear, dispel laziness, enthusiasm, health, passion, protection, sexuality, strength, vigor, and willpower.
    Silver: The Goddess, lunar magic, balance, conducting energy, creativity, meditation, opening astral gates, protection, psychic development, removal of negative forces, stability, victory, and warding off negativity.
  • White: Full moon magick, centering, greater attainment, grounding, innocence, peace, protection, purification, purity, sincerity, and spirituality.
  • Violet: Creative work, intuition, self improvement, success in quests.
  • Yellow: Air elemental, east, action, attraction, change, charm, clairvoyance, confidence, creative work, imagination, intellect, persuasion, and power of the mind.

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