Altar Candles

candle_smallThere are usually three altar candles used. One represents the Maiden, one represents the Lord, and one represents the Lady.

The central candle on the altar is the Maiden’s candle because the Maiden comes before the Lady (i.e. you have to be a girl before you become a woman) and is nearly always white to symbolize her purity.

The Lady’s candle represents the Lady, the Goddess of Wicca and is traditionally on the western side of the altar, which is also the side that the High Priestess stands. It can be any color depending on what is being celebrated but white is a good all round choice.

The Lord’s candle represents the Lord, or God of Wicca and is traditionally on the eastern side of the altar. Again white is a good all-purpose choice fof color but any color may be used that is significant to the celebration.

Some practitioners use an alternative layout for the Lord and Lady candles and often this will be a reversal of the directions – the Lady to the east and the Lord to the west.

Although the candles are all that is actually needed on the altar for representation of the Maiden, Lady and Lord, many practitioners also choose to have a token of some other sort to represent them. Almost anything can be used for this.

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