The Sabbats

There are eight standard sabbats (festivals or holidays) in the Wiccan calendar each year. These sabbats represent the God and Goddess in their various aspects, and the seasonal aspects of birth, death, and rebirth. Traditionally, no magick is done on a sabbat (unless it is a life or death emergency). The sabbats are a time for celebrating, feasting and spending time with friends, family and loved ones. The sabbats each honour different phases in the life cycle of the Goddess and the God. Below are the eight Wiccan sabbats, starting with Samhain which is the Witch’s new year:

Samhain – October 31st
Yule – December 21st
Imbolc – February 2nd
Ostara – Around March 20th – 22nd (spring equinox)
Beltane – May 1st
Litha – June 22nd
Lammas – August 2nd
Mabon – Around September 21st (autumn equinox)

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