Ritual Tools: The Wand

The Wand

Both the wand and athame are often used interchangeably for casting a circle. However, the two ritual tools in reality have very different purposes. The wand is used for directing energy, while the athame is used for invoking and and banishing it.

The wand is perhaps the most well known of all the Witch’s ritual tools and has featured in books and movies from all over the world. Find a story that involves a witch and you will probably find a wand! It is irrevocably associated with a witch and witchcraft.

The magickal uses of the wand are widespread. It can be used to attract energy, to repel it and to direct it. During circle casting it is used to divide the worlds and to then reconnect them once the magick is done. It is the one tool that no Witch can do without.

Traditionally the wand is made from a tree branch that has been offered not taken. Often symbols are burnt or carved on it. The length of a wand varies quite drastically. Despite what anyone says there is no one right length, it’s what feels right to you. Some people will use the length of their forearm (approximately 12″), some the forearm to the finger tips (approximately 18″), some will use fixed dimensions, we have known wands as long as 21″ and as short as 8″.

Element: Air

Direction: East

Color: Yellow

Gender: Male & female (This varies depending on the belief system – some will say male only)

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