Herbs U to Z: What Can These Herbs Be Used For?

Herbs can be used in many different ways. Sometimes as part of a ritual or spell and often as an infusion. Below you will find a list of the various common conditions for which herbs can be used. None of herbs listed are meant as a replacement for competent medical diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before ingesting anything listed below unless you are 110% sure it is safe for you to do so. Even though a herb may be commonly known to be safe you may have an adverse reaction so don’t take any chances with anything unfamiliar.

Uva Ursa: Psychic ability.

Valerian: Anxiety – Prophetic dreams – Protection – Sleep.
Vanilla: Friendship – Love – Lust – Prosperity – Wishes.
Vertivert: Luck.
Vervain: Anger – Healing – Love – Prosperity – Protection – Sleep – Wishes.
Violet: Healing – Love – Luck – Luck – Lust – Protection – Wishes.

Walnut: Wishes.
Wheat: Prosperity.
Willow: Healing – Love – Protection.
Wintergreen: Healing – Protection.
Witch Hazel: Beauty – Protection.
Wolfbane: Protection.
Wood Betony: Love – Protection.
Wormwood: Protection – Psychic ability.

Yarrow: Heartbreak – Love – Psychic ability.
Yerba Santa: Healing.
Yohimbe: Lust.
Yucca: Protection.

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