Herbs A to D: What Can These Herbs Be Used For?

Herbs can be used in many different ways. Sometimes as part of a ritual or spell and often as an infusion. Below you will find a list of various herbs and the conditions for which they can be used in spellwork etc. None of the herbs listed are meant as a replacement for competent medical diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before ingesting anything listed below unless you are 110% sure it is safe for you to do so. Even though a herb may be commonly known to be safe you may have an adverse reaction so don’t take any chances with anything unfamiliar.

Acorn: Strength.
Adam & Eve Root: Love.
African Violet: Protection.
Agrimony: Protection – Sleep.
All Heal: Mental powers.
Allspice: Love – Luck – Lust.
Almond: Anger – Prosperity.
Aloe Vera: Protection.
Alyssum: Protection.
Angelica: Protection.
Anise: Luck – Prophetic dreams – Psychic ability – Protection.
Apple: Heartbreak – Love.
Apricot: Love.
Arrowroot: Protection.
Avocado: Beauty.

Balm of Gilead: Love – Protection.
Basil: Business success – Love – Prosperity – Protection.
Bay Leaf: Employment – Mental powers – Prosperity – Protection – Strength – Victory – Wishes.
Bayberry: Employment.
Bergamot: Employment – Prosperity.
Birch: Protection.
Bittersweet: Heartbreak.
Black Cohosh: Menopause.
Bladderwrack: Protection – Travel.
Bleeding Heart: Love.
Bluebell: Luck.
Boneset: Protection.
Borage: Courage.
Broom: Protection.
Burdock: Protection.

Cactus: Protection.
Calamus: Luck – Protection.
Calandula: Stress.
Camphor: Divination.
Caraway: Lust – Mental powers – Protection.
Cardamom: Love.
Carnation: Protection – Strength.
Carrot: Lust.
Catnip: Anger – Beauty – Depression – Love.
Cattail: Lust.
Cedar: Prosperity – Protection.
Celandine: Depression.
Celery: Psychic ability.
Celery Seed: Mental powers.
Chamomile: Anger – Love – Nightmares – Prophetic dreams – Prosperity – Sleep – Stress.
Chicory: Liberation.
China Berry: Luck.
Chrysanthemum: Protection.
Cinnamon: Love – Lust – Prosperity – Protection – Psychic ability – Success.
Cinquefoil: Lust – Prophetic dreams – Prosperity – Protection – Sleep.
Citronella: Psychic ability.
Clover: Prosperity – Protection – Success.
Cloves: Gossip – Love – Lust – Prophetic dreams – Protection.
Columbine: Love.
Comfrey: Stress.
Copal: Love.
Coriander: Love.
Crocus: Love.
Cubeb: Love.
Cumin: Protection.
Curry: Protection.
Cyclamen: Heartbreak – Protection.
Cypress: Liberation – Protection.

Daffodil: Love – Luck.
Daisy: Depression – Love.
Damiana: Love – Lust.
Dandelion: Divination – Wishes.
Deerstongue: Gossip – Lust.
Dill: Love – Lust – Protection.
Dogweed: Protection – Wishes.
Dragon’s Blood: Protection.

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