Blessing Spells: Brigid’s Cross Blessing Spell

Name: Brigid’s Cross Blessing Spell

Category: Blessing Spells

Purpose: To bless your house and all those who live in it.

Timing: On a Sunday or a Monday when the moon is waxing.

Items Needed:

  • 1 x charcoal disk in a fireproof dish.
  • 1 x small red candle.
  • 1 x container of lighter fluid.
  • 12 x straight rushes approximately 6″ (15cm) in length – (use twigs if you can’t get rushes).
  • 1 x spool of natural twine.
  • 1 x pinch of cinnamon.
  • Matches or lighter.

Casting the spell:

  • Cast a circle.
  • Place a little lighter fluid on the charcoal disk and light it and the candle saying:
  • Holy Brigid of the sacred flame, Bless this charm made in your name.
  • Divide the rushes into four groups of three and bind the groups together with the twine (at right angles to each other) so that each group of three forms one side of a diamond shape.
  • Bind the two groups together to form a cross.
  • Place a little more lighter fluid on the charcoal disk and add the cinnamon to it. Saying: I call upon the four winds to breathe gently on this house in the name of Brigid’s blessing.
  • Close the circle.

Let the candle burn down and the charcoal disk (if still alight) go out.

Hang the Brigid’s cross over the hearth. If your house does not have a hearth then hang it in the room that you consider is the room the family spends most time together in. You have successfully the Brigid’s Cross Blessing Spell.

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