The Altar

The Wiccan and Witch’s Altar in Ritual

Because the practitioner represents Akasha (spirit) within the circle, many witches prefer to place the altar at the center of the circle and work from there. If you are restricted by the size limitations of your circle, place it wherever it is most convenient and conducive for effective working. make sure you leave enough space to stay within the circle when moving around. The last thing you want to do is knock a candle over!
Once you have selected the spot for your altar and put it in place, you need to gather any working materials you will need for the circle; these may include an altar cloth, candles, small containers of salt and water, incense, incense burner, cakes, wine, ritual tools etc. You are not limited to these items however. Spell-work you are preparing to undertake may well require additional items.

Once you have arranged the altar, light the candle(s) and incense. It is now necessary to bless the area and to do this, hold your hands over the designated area and bless it saying:

I bless you now that you may aid
The energy flow as magick is made.
Only the positive may live and breathe
All negativity now must leave.
Within you as I/we start this rite
Blessed be in love and light.

Now pick up your wand and draw an invoking pentagram in the air above the altar saying:

Blessed be, O beings of light
Tools now hold magick with power and might.

Your altar preparation is now complete.

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