Libation To The Deities

Once the circle has been released or closed and the rite has ended there is still one last act to perform. It’s called the “libation to the lord and lady” or “libation to the deities” and is an important part of finishing the ritual. In a way it’s giving something back to those who have given their time, love and energy to you.

Take the cakes and wine that you put aside on the altar earlier and go outside. Put the cakes on the ground and then pour the wine on top of them. As you are pouring the wine say:

By moon and sun and sky above
I offer these in perfect love.
By fire and earth, by rain and gust
I offer these in perfect trust.
Please take the gifts offered now to you
In thanks for love and time and all you do.
For all the gifts you’ve given me
Lord and lady, blessed be.

The circle ritual may seem complex and involved and so it is. There is a lot to it when you take into account aa the necessary preparations and stages. But like so much else in this world, if it’s worth doing, do it well. Having said that it can be adapted as you desire but don’t pare it down too much. It is such an important ritual it deserves the effort that is made to perform it.

The circle ritual is now complete and once again you are back in the everyday world. Hopefully with a successful day’s magick behind you.

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