Closing The Circle

The circle was cast in a clockwise direction staring in the east. It is common practice to close the circle in a counterclockwise direction starting in the north. Only one pass is necessary to close it.

To close and release the circle, stand in the north quarter with the wand tip pointed at the ground. Effectively you are doing the reverse of casting. Visualize the same white and/or electric blue flame used during creation, only this time visualize it being sucked up into the wand.

Slowly walk the full boundary of the circle saying:

The Circle, though open, remains unbroken,
Remaining to protect from all unspoken.
In perfect love, in perfect trust,
Now we leave to do all we must.
merry we met, and merry we part
Until we meet again with joy in heart.

When you reach north again, pause for a moment and then go to the center of the circle and say:

This rite has ended and I go in love,
With thanks to the Lord and Lady above.
With thanks to the Elements and Others too,
Merry part with brightest blessings to you.

The circle has now been closed and released.

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