Casting The Circle

There are many different circle casting techniques. And these will vary dramatically from tradition to tradition. The way shown here is not the only way – far from it. But it will give you an idea of what’s involved and hopefully inspire you to find something that works especially well for you.

How many passes you make around the boundary of the circle while casting it is up to you. Circles have been cast with as few as one pass, and as many as nine. Three is probably a good starting point until you find a number you are comfortable with.

It is a smart idea to learn and memorize the casting evocation as you will be doing several things at once during casting: Walking and talking, concentrating, visualizing and so on, and so on. Know the evocation by heart and you will find it easier and not get into a muddle.

To cast the circle go to the eastern quarter and with the wand, point it away from you towards the ground. Now walk in a clockwise direction around the boundary three times. While doing so, visualize white and/or electric blue fire spitting from the wand’s end and burning the circle boundary into the ground. As you visualize and walk, recite the evocation:

I cast you now O Circle of power,
I conjure your magick to grow and tower
Dividing the mundane world from
The world of the ancient mighty ones.
The space where magick lives and breathes
Where time and place and the mundane cease.
Between these worlds the Circle is cast
Now as one, the present, future and past.
Old ones, young ones, join now the night and day,
All that’s mundane now sweep away.
All merry meet suspended in time.
This Circle is bound by the words of this rhyme.
The Circle has now been cast.

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