The Circle: Ritual Bath

The ritual bath isn’t really a bath at all. You will have already washed away the day’s dirt with your hot bath before getting to this stage. The ritual bath is a personal anointing and blessing. This should always be done before performing any formal ritual.

Preparing the bath itself is easy. Simply take a bowl of warm water and add some oil(s) and herbs that are appropriate to your purpose that day. Once you have done this set the bowl down just outside the area where you intend to cast your circle.

Relax yourself and your body by taking a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. When you feel relaxed and ready, stand in front of the bath (the bowl). Turn your palms face upward and say:

O Goddess gentle and mild,
Look down and bless me, your child.

Dip your finger into the bath of water and close your eyes. Using your finger anoint your eyelids by drawing a small pentagram on each. As you do so, say:

Bless my eyes that I might see,
Your ways, your path,
How things should be.

Open your eyes, and again dip your finger into the water and then anoint your lips in the same way as before, saying:

Please bless my lips so that they may carry
Your words to people with voice light and merry.

Now anoint your breast, saying:

Bless my breast, let it be formed in strength,
Conviction and courage without bounds or length.

Anoint your loins and at the same time say:

Bless too my loins, for they carry the force
Of all life and creation that flows from your force.

Anoint your knees, and say:

So that I may kneel at your altar, please bless
My knees; keep them free of pain and duress.

Lastly, anoint the tops of your feet (or your ankles), and say:

Bless both my feet as your steps they now trace,
Keep them true to the path at a straight even pace.

Your ritual bath is now complete. The instructions here are given as a guideline to give you a general idea of what needs to be said and done. Adapt them as you see fit, or come up with a completely new set of your own.

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