The Circle: Personal Preparations

Preparing for casting the circle is a very personal thing for most witches. Everyone has their own ideas of what to do, what needs to be done etc. The instructions on these pages are meant as a guideline. They can be followed exactly as they’re written, or if you prefer to adapt them to something you feel more comfortable with, then by all means do so. The steps shown here will work for everyone and will certainly help you to create everything you need for powerful circle casting.

Most witches will usually start by taking a hot bath. This is not meant to be a quick dip but to be a lengthy part of the preparation needed. It’s not really about getting clean, it’s about getting ready. By the way, a shower is just as acceptable as taking a bath.

As you wash away the grime of the day, you should be doing more than just physically washing away the dirt. You need to visualize washing away all the stress, all the emotional and all the spiritual grime as well. remember what we said earlier. You need to be at your best to get the best out of your circle.

You also need to ground and center to clear your head. This will stop your energy from scattering. Everyone has different ways that work for them when it comes to grounding. Do whatever works for you. Some will ground through meditation, some will use crystals to aid grounding before they meditate.

Time should also be spent in meditation. It doesn’t need to be hours. 10 to 20 minutes will be quite adequate for most people. Meditation is necessary to help open and cleanse your spiritual channels. It helps to start the spiritual energy flow you will shortly need. If you are new to meditation a short basic meditation exercise can be found here.

Having got yourself nice and clean, and grounded, it’s time to take the ritual bath.

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